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                          Changzhou Nature Invisible Screens Co., Ltd.
                          Located in the scenic Changzhou Xindong Road Changzhou Aluminum Security Window, Changzhou invisible screens, Changzhou security screens warmly welcome new and old customers to negotiate Business!
                          This unit specializes in the production, installation and maintenance of invisible screens. The company has several years of experience in the production of screens, and provides customers with home design, planning services, reasonable arrangements, and overall planning.
                          This product is made of special aluminum alloy profiles and high quality imported flame retardant glass fiber gauze. The design is novel
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                          Address: No. 42 Xindong Road, Xinzha, Zhonglou District, Changzhou
                          Contact: Lin Pingxi
                          Tel: 0519-86862295
                          Fax: 0519-86862295
                          Mobile: 13961229255
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